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About us

Nomad, from indian summer to siberian winter.

Nomad seeks to capture the unique and diverse beauty of the world. Our pieces are more than just accessories - they are talismans of the experiences that shape us, the places that move us, and the people that inspire us.

We are driven by a spirit of adventure, curiosity, and admiration for the natural world. Our jewelry is inspired by the wanderlust of travel and the intrepid spirit of exploration. Each piece takes inspiration from the colors, textures, and diversity of cultures across the globe.

We believe that stones possess unique qualities and energies that connect us to the earth and augment our own inner strength. From serene turquoise from the deserts of South America to the fiery red hues of garnets found in Nordic lands, every stone holds a connection to the land it emerged from.

At Nomad, we believe that true beauty is found in the imperfections that make us interesting and human. Our jewelry celebrates the unique qualities of every individual, and we hope to inspire the same confidence and wonder in our wearers. From delicate pieces that evoke the rich history of ancient civilizations, to bold statement jewelry that captures the vibrancy of contemporary culture, Nomad's collection has something for every adventurous spirit. Whether you're exploring the streets of a new city or charting unknown waters, our jewelry serves as a reminder to seek out the beauty in every corner of the world.

Join us on our journey as we continue to explore and celebrate the world's beauty through jewelry.


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